Class Lists. Simplified.

Class Composer is an online tool to help elementary
schools make better student placement decisions.


How It Works

  1. Each Student is Assessed on Their Student Card

    A color coded Student Cell is created.

  2. Compose is Run

    Students are auto-sorted into equitable classes.

  3. Fine-Tune Placement

    Drag and drop students into other classes. The data table instantly updates when a student is moved.

Using Class Composer totally revolutionized how we conduct class placements. It was especially helpful during the school closure in the Spring of 2020 because it provided us a digital platform that allowed us to make informed decisions about where to place students for the following unpredictable year. It is extremely easy to use for both teachers and administrators. We will never go back to doing class placements on paper again!

Hannah Elwyn

Assistant Principal

Chenango Forks Elementary

Binghamton , New York

More Than Just a Class Creation Tool

Use our program after class lists are finalized to positively impact student growth throughout the school year.

Data Insights

Use our Digital Data Wall to visualize student information more effectively to make better data-based decisions.

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Progress Monitoring

Easily record and track progress monitoring data.

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Student Grouping

Create seating charts, reading groups, and ability based
classes across an entire grade level.

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Real-time conversations with any teammate.

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Principal Kristen Schroeder

Shares how she went from 20 hours to 3 hours when creating class lists.



“It was a miracle. My time went from around 20 hours or so down to three. My staff absolutely loves it. I would highly recommend it.”

Kristen Schroeder

Upper Elementary Principal
American School of Doha
Doha, Qatar

“I love Class Composer. My husband and I joke about how this may have saved our marriage.”

Tamara Speidel

Buffalo Trail Elementary
Aurora, Colorado

Our Pricing


Free for one person
  • Get a quick and simple hands on experience in a test school with pre-filled demo student data.

One Grade Level

  • Try Class Composer with one grade level in your school.


$699 per school/year
  • Yearly subscription for all the grade levels in your school.
  • Need a quote for a PO? Request it here!

For district pricing please email us at [email protected] or call (800) 214-3620.


"Our teachers have loved using Class Composer! It has made the process of creating balanced classrooms much easier with teachers able to work together remotely and retaining information from year to year. This is one program that my teachers demanded we use again!"

Mary A. Bussman, PhD
Brimhall Elementary School
Roseville, Minnesota

"Class Composer is a game changer! No more colored index cards, post it notes and hours wasted on trying to balance class lists. If my staff loves it, so will yours. Trust me!”

Jennifer (Gray) McKinley
Lawrence Avenue Elementary
Potsdam, New York

"Just wanted you to know we did our grouping on Friday and loved this program. Grouping Day is usually very stressful and it was not a time we were looking forward to but WOW! We did make a couple of changes but we're thrilled with the grouping!"

Susan Winn
1st Grade Teacher
Roxboro Road Elementary School
Mattydale, New York

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