Class Lists. Simplified.

Class Composer helps elementary schools
create equitable classes in less time.

For one grade level. Includes all the features.  Learn more.

Are you still assigning students to classes the old-fashioned way?

Teachers Looking at Sticky Notes
Teachers Looking at Sticky Notes
reviewing class list papers
Blue and Pink Paper Cards
Sifting Through Rows of Spreadsheet Data

Discover a Better Way with Class Composer

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Student Placement Software Your Teachers Will Love

Our class creator tool will help you save time and make better informed decisions to ensure your students are placed into well-balanced classes.

How It Works

Step 1: Each Student is Assessed on Their Student Card

  • The Student Cell is built as scores are entered.
  • Identifiers and Assessment fields are customizable.
  • Placement Requests can be entered.
student card 1
student card 2
student card 3
student card 4
student card 5
student card 6

Step 2: Compose is Run Placing Students into Equitable Classes

  • View multiple data points using our filter and highlight options.
  • Fine-tune student placement by dragging and dropping Student Cells.
  • Placement requests are honored automatically.
compose card 1
compose card 2 compressed
compose card 3
compose card 4
compose card 5

“Class Composer is a game changer! No more colored index cards, post it notes and hours wasted on trying to balance class lists. If my staff loves it, so will yours. Trust me!”

class composer
Jennifer (Gray) McKinley


Lawrence Avenue Elementary

Potsdam, New York

class composer

Principal Kristen Schroeder

Shares how she went from 20 hours to 3 hours when creating class lists.

class composer

 Experience Class Composer in a Pre-Built Demo School

Compose classes by yourself using pre-filled demo student data.  Learn more.

elementary scholls

Crafting Equitable Class Lists in Elementary Schools: The Essential Guide

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“Our teachers have loved using Class Composer! It has made the process of creating balanced classrooms much easier with teachers able to work together remotely and retaining information from year to year. This is one program that my teachers demanded we use again!”

class composer
Mary A. Bussman, PhD


Brimhall Elementary School

Roseville, Minnesota

Are you ready to move away from sticky notes and paper cards ?