About the Class Composer Team


Mike Cronley
CEO & Co-founder

With over 12 years of teaching experience, Mike brings a "teacher’s perspective" to Class Composer. His experience as a third grade teacher near Denver, Colorado was the catalyst to the development of Class Composer. Mike’s knowledge and insight has been vital in creating a program that simplifies the student placement process. Mike’s goal is to create positive learning environments where elementary teachers can better meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of their students.

Mike earned his undergraduate degree from the Ohio State University and his teaching certificate from the University of Colorado Denver.

Ed Khoukaz
COO & Co-founder

For over 20 years, Ed has been a noteworthy leader in the product development and strategy space. His time spent in New York City at AIG and Citigroup gave him unprecedented experience in managing complex digital transformation programs with a keen appreciation for both clients' and markets' needs. Recently settled in Boulder, Colorado, Ed found a passion for entrepreneurial endeavors with a positive impact. With Class Composer, his goal is to provide educators and schools with a secure and easy-to-use product that meets and exceeds their needs.

Ed earned his undergraduate degree from the American University of Beirut, his MBA from NYU, and his MS in Telecommunications Engineering from Columbia University.