Simplifying Small Group Formation

working on a project in elementary class

On an almost daily basis as a 3rd grade teacher, I was creating small groups in my classroom.  This was done for various reasons: seating charts, guided reading, partner work, project-based learning, field trips, and many more.  Whether for small group instruction, group work, or partner work, I loved the benefits of moving away from…

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Class Composer’s Student Placement Software Featured in We Are Teachers for Its Revolutionary Impact on Class Lists

The community of educators included the platform on its list of trailblazing edtech companies that are “changing the present to expand the future.” BOULDER, Colorado, May 23, 2024 – Class Composer, the company behind the innovative student placement software that transforms the way elementary schools create equitable class lists, has been prominently featured in an…

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I Hope I Get a Good Class this Year

positive girl having video call and asking for help

Any elementary teacher who has taught for any length of time has had one of “those” classes: the one consisting of challenging behaviors, students who should have been separated but weren’t, too many struggling readers, or any other combination of students that can make teaching a real challenge. These are the classes that make you…

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That’s the Way We’ve Always Done It

innovating new approaches to old problems

On March 15, 2022, the U.S. Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act. This bill would make daylight savings time the permanent standard time thereby ending the twice-annual changing of clocks. Daylight savings time has been observed in most states since 1966 with the passage of the Uniform Time Act. Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) argued…

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Is All This Data Analysis Making a Difference?

female business coach makes presentation for staff

At the elementary school where I taught for 12 years, we would have twice-a-year meetings called Data Days. Our grade-level team would meet with the principal, the literacy coaches, and the special needs teachers to analyze all the student data in our grade level. This data ranged from district benchmark assessments to statewide standardized test…

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