Simplified Class List Creation

Student Card

  • Simple to enter and view student information in one location.
  • Customizable identifiers.
  • Customizable assessment fields.
  • Notes.
  • Placement requests.
  • Include student images (optional).
  • Student Card “travels” up to next year’s teacher.  Classroom teachers will have a quick summary of each student from the previous year’s teacher to start the new school year.

Learn more:  Student Card & Student Cell Demo Video

student card 6
Step 3 Student Placement Card Cell

Student Cell

  • Condensed, summary view of the Student Card information.
  • Student Cell color is determined by the Reading score unless a 2 (yellow) or 1 (red) is selected for Behavior.

Learn more:  Student Card & Student Cell Demo Video


Our algorithm, developed by a Carnegie Mellon University Ph.D. mathematician, instantly creates balanced classes as a starting point on the Next Year Digital Data Wall.

  • Fine-tune student placement by dragging and dropping Student Cells.
  • Moving one student automatically updates the data table making it easy to see, and adjust, any potential inequities.
  • Placement requests are honored automatically. Placement Requests can be overridden.
  • Use our highlight and filter options to view numerous data points clearly. 
  • Use our Compose Settings to cluster or evenly distribute identified students into certain classes for next year automatically. You can also choose a class to loop for next year.
  • Split/multi-age classes.

Learn more: Compose & Digital Data Wall Demo Video

compose #2 next year view no highlight

Data Management

  • Import student rosters.
  • Import users (teachers)
  • Import all student scores.
  • Preselect Identifiers in bulk.
  • Class lists are downloadable in
    a CSV format.
  • Print for Student Card.

Admin Level Capabilities

  • Manage user (teacher) permissions.  Choose the level of teacher involvement that matches your school’s current workflow.
  • Customize Academic and Life Skills labels.

Year-Round Value

Historical Student Record

  • View individual student historical data simply.
Historical Student Record 2
class composer virtual whiteboard

Small Groups

Throughout the school year easily create:

  • Reading groups.
  • Project based groups.
  • Seating charts.

Are you ready to move away from sticky notes and paper cards ?