Create Equitable Classes Simply and in Less Time

Data Gets Entered on the Student Card

  • Paper-like look and feel.
  • Academic ratings.
  • Life skills ratings.
  • Custom assessment fields.
  • Custom identifiers.
  • Placement requests.
  • General notes.
  • Progress monitoring data.

Compose is Run

  • Students automatically placed into equitable classes.
  • Placement requests are honored.
  • Student placement can be fine-tuned by dragging and dropping.
  • Data table instantly updates when a student is moved.
  • Highlight students with certain identifiers.
  • View assessment scores.

Value Throughout the School Year

Data Insights

  • The Digital Data Wall becomes the key resource to guide discussions during your Professional Learning Communities.
  • Spend more time discussing students vs. gathering and organizing data.
  • Easy to view individual student data.
  • Simple to get a summary view of the entire grade level data.
  • Student Card “travels” to next year’s teachers.

Student Grouping

  • Create small groups (guided reading, project based, seating charts, etc.) simply.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Create ability based groups across an entire grade level.
  • Display assessment data in Student Cell to simplify grouping decisions.

Progress Monitoring

  • Simple entry and tracking.
  • Downloadable.
  • Progress monitoring data will travel with Student Card to next year’s teacher.


  • Create a simple communication string with another teacher in an individual student’s Student Card.
  • Messages will travel with Student Card to next year’s teacher.

Are you ready to move
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