Class Composer Pricing

Subscriptions are based on your school’s current enrollment.
Support, through email and scheduled video calls, and customizable trainings are included on all plans.

Small School

Less than 350 students

✔  Includes all features


Billed annually

Average School

350 - 750 students

✔  Includes all features


Billed annually

Large School

More than 750 students

✔  Includes all features


Billed annually

“Class composer has taken the stress out of sorting students into their next year grade-level classes. Prior to Class Composer, my teachers would spend a lot of time completing the traditional Pink/Blue Cards to use for sorting students. Once we subscribed to Class Composer, student information was able to be imported. This saved an incredible amount of time. Teachers were then able to input student data and the system took it from there. With the click of a button, the classes were sorted and were equitable in regards to academic performance, behaviors, etc. If we needed to make any adjustments, that was easily done as well. We plan to continue to use Class Composer for years to come. My teachers love how user-friendly it is and how much time they save.”

Stephanie Pimentel


Adkison Elementary

Modesto, California