Simplified Progress Monitoring

Use our Progress Monitoring feature to easily track and record the growth of your students toward their individualized goals.  Simplify how you manage all the assessment data collected for your RTI and MTSS students.  When Progress Monitoring data is housed in the Student Card, data silos are lessened.

Step 1: Create customizable Progress Monitoring categories.

Step 2: Record progress towards goal.

In the example below William is identified as an RTI Tier 3 student. One of William's goals is to score a 35 out of 41 on the First Grade Dolch Sight Words. To record his progress towards this goal his teacher selects the Progress Monitoring button from his Student Card. In the following GIF you will see how the process works for entering scores, entering notes, and creating a hyperlink. William scored a 9 out of 41 on his first assessment on 10/7/21. His teacher is entering his latest score of 16 out of 41 received on the following week.

Optional step: Customize end goal.

The End Goal number can be adjusted in each category.  This will only change the End Goal number for this student.  It won't update the End Goal for any other students.

The Progress Monitoring feature is an optional add on. See our pricing page for more details.

Are you ready to move away from sticky notes and paper cards ?

teachers looking at sticky notes